13 thoughts on “News

  1. Hi Judith, tell me at your convience what are the specifics of CIA’s. Intern program.
    there are a few good people who may be interested….

  2. “… you’re really never done.”

    All the best in your post-CIA phase, and thank you (and Bill B) for helping to make my short time learning ceramics in the CIA department something I still discuss with my fellow product designers; usually encouraging them to take a class to improve their skills.

  3. I will be in Boston for a week starting on 6/17. Please give me your brothers telephone#. I would like to get together with him.

    David. 561 716. 8373

  4. Oh, what a lovely interlude of 3 minutes and 16 seconds… It was wonderful hearing your voice: so clear, pragmatic and unpretentious. I love “I lose a lot of work… out of ugliness”. Hallelujah and amen. I just visited the newly redone Picasso museum in Paris: He lost a lot of work out of ugliness too, except he kept it all and it’s in museums all over the world… So either way, we lose a lot out of ugliness. Congratulations on retiring, which just means “pulling back”.

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